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Commercial Servicing, Repair and Installation

Service and Repair

With over 25 years of working within the Fitness Industry, we have a wide experience of different products and are able to offer a very high standard of servicing and repair to most fitness ranges.


We don’t do “packages” that most service providers offer as this is usually overpriced to ensure the service provider doesn’t lose money. We only offer “pay as you go” servicing which means the customer only pays for the work to be completed.


We also give the customer the option of purchasing any parts required direct from the supplier. we source and quote for the parts, supply you with all the details; parts numbers, price and contact etc, you purchase the parts and we return to fit and service the faulty item. With commercial fitness parts being so expensive  this give you the customer a chance to reduce the cost of the repair.


When all the machines have passed the inspection, Gymserve would issue a “Safety Certificate” for you to display in your gym which shows your members that the machines are in a safe working order.


Gymserve may recommend an interim short service at 6 months if the products are subjected to high usage.


We can also offer in house maintenance training giving you the knowledge to keep your machines in the best possible working order in between services. Please note – this service is only available with a full service to the complete gym,


Gymserve offers full commercial servicing and repairs starting at £80 for the first hour, and £40 per hour thereafter.


Full servicing work details are listed on the “Full Service Checklist” page.


We can also offer a “Short Inspection Service” which just checks the usage and safety of the machine. If any product was found to be not a safe condition, we would quote to repair to a safe working order. Please note, no extensive repairs are carried out, only minor adjustments and lubricating are done to the exterior of the product. 


As with the full service, a Safety Certificate is issued if all the products are in a safe working order.


Gymserve offers “on site” installations, “on site” meaning that the products are already on site.


Prices start from £80 for the first hour, with £40 per hour thereafter.


This is usually significantly cheaper than the supplier installation would be and with 25 years of building fitness products, you can be sure of a professional installation.
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